We require 2–5 days’ advance notice, depending on the day you order. Available fulfillment dates will be shown at checkout. If you need ice cream sooner, give us a call—we may be able to help for an additional fee.

Mail order is available to all states in the continental US! Scroll down for more information about shipping.

General FAQs

These are our year-round flavors. For information on seasonal specials, follow us on social media!

All flavors start with our sweet cream dairy base or cashew-coconut-oat milk vegan base.

Chocolate: Flavored with a rich, dark blend of cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, and a hint of decaf coffee

Coffee: Steeped with whole decaf beans for a super-smooth coffee flavor

Cookie Dough: Packed with pieces of our homemade, vegan, edible cookie dough

Cookies and Cream: Filled with chunks and crumbs of chopped sandwich cookies

Salted Caramel (Dairy Only): Flavored with homemade dark-cooked caramel and a heavy pinch of salt

Sugar Cone Crunch: Stuffed with homemade, dark chocolate-covered sugar cone pieces

Strawberry: Flavored and colored a beautiful bright pink with a homemade puree of local Mick Klug Farm berries

Toasted Coconut: Steeped with freshly toasted coconut flakes and hints of vanilla and almond extracts

Vanilla: Doubly perfumed with pure vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste for a rich, well-rounded flavor

If you’ll be storing the cake in your freezer after receiving it, put it in a refrigerator for 10–15 minutes before serving to let it soften gradually and evenly. Vegan ice cream needs a bit longer to soften than dairy.

If you’re going to eat your cake right after receiving it, there’s no need to soften it in the fridge or a cooler. It should be ready to slice and eat!

Slice the cake with a heavy chef’s knife or large serrated knife. Bear in mind that our ice cream cake is very rich and dense—you may want to cut smaller slices than you would of another type of cake. 

Arrange to get your cake on the day that you will eat it or up to a week before. This will ensure the very best appearance and flavor when you serve it.

If you have any cake left after serving, put it back in the cake box (or wrap it in plastic wrap) and store it in the freezer. The cake should keep well for 7–10 days at 0º F.

We make our ice cream and decorate our cakes at The Hatchery, a shared kitchen facility in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. We don’t have a storefront—we only take orders online or by phone.

Pickup orders can be placed for one of three pickup spots: our home base at The Hatchery (135 N. Kedzie Ave.), L&M Fine Foods (4363 N. Lincoln Ave.), and Plant Chicago (4459 S. Marshfield Ave.). The pickup days and times vary by location; all options are shown at checkout. Within 24 hours of your selected pickup time you’ll receive an email from us with pickup instructions for your selected location.

Yes! We deliver within a 15-mile radius of The Hatchery (135 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago). We contract directly with local drivers who bring the ice cream straight from our kitchen to you. They use heavy-duty ice packs and hard-sided coolers to ensure that the ice cream arrives fully frozen and intact.

The fee is $15–$25, depending on the distance. Deliveries can be scheduled Tuesday through Friday during the window 4–7 PM. (The exact delivery time will depend on our orders, traffic, and other factors; we’ll be in touch as your order approaches.) Available delivery dates will be shown during checkout.

If you are looking for delivery outside our regular area, or if you need your ice cream to be delivered at a specific time, contact us—we may be able to do it for an additional fee.

Yes! We love our retail partners—they’re great places to visit, shop, and eat in various parts of Chicago.

• Etheria Cafe, 2800 W. North Ave.

• Green Grocer Chicago, 1402 W. Grand Ave.

• Kite String Cantina, 1851 W. Addison St.

• L&M Fine Foods, 4363 N. Lincoln Ave.

• L&M Southport, 3737 N. Southport Ave.

• Urban Market, 1001 W. Chicago Ave.

Want to see us in other stores? Tell us (and the store managers, please)!

We require 1–4 days’ advance notice for custom orders (depending on the desired fulfillment date), which are made from scratch according to your specifications.

We also offer premade ice cream cakes in popular flavor combinations for same-day or next-day fulfillment. To order a premade cake with your choice of decoration, call us!

We can also sometimes accommodate custom orders with less than 1 day’s notice. Call us to check on availability. A rush fee of $15 will apply.

Dairy: Ice cream flavors, baked goods, frosting options, and decorations contain dairy unless labeled as vegan.

Eggs, soy: The ice cream flavors on our regular menu do not contain egg or soy (limited-time special flavors may contain these ingredients). All of our baked goods contain eggs, except for the vegan options; none of them contain soy. Contact us if you have questions about specific decorations on our ice cream cakes.

Gluten: None of our ice cream flavors except for Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and Sugar Cone Crunch contain gluten.We offer two gluten-free baked good options from our friends at Nine Times Bakery, which can be used for layering in an ice cream cake. All other baked goods contain gluten.

Nuts: The following products contain nuts: all vegan ice creams (cashews and coconut), Toasted Coconut dairy ice cream (coconut and almond extract), coconut whipped cream (almond extract), vegan cookies (plant-based butter that contains coconut). Seasonal special flavors and custom orders may also contain nuts. All of our products are made in a shared kitchen and on equipment that may have contact with nuts.

For more details on our ingredients, call or email us.​

Different companies make different kinds of ice cream cake. Here’s what we do: Our cakes are made from two layers of ice cream (different flavors or the same), two layers of a crumbled baked good in the middle and on the bottom, whipped cream, coconut cream, or vegan buttercream frosting, and classic ice cream sundae toppings as decoration.

Mail Order

Mail-order shipments are sent out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and will arrive in 1–2 days. Shipment timing is subject to the availability of dry ice and cannot be guaranteed. We recommend choosing a shipping date at least 3 days in advance of when you want to receive the product, to ensure that it doesn't arrive late.

Tracking information will be sent to the email address you provide at checkout so you can see exactly when the package is picked up and when it will arrive.

Ice cream is packed with dry ice and insulated box liners, which hold an extremely cold temperature for 24–48 hours. We are proud to use boxesm liners, and packing paper that are either fully recyclable or biodegradable.

Nonfrozen products are shipped with recyclable packing paper for cushioning.

Add a Bartleby’s greeting card to any shipment to include a personalized, handwritten message!

If your package contains dry ice, handle with care. First, move your frozen products to your own freezer as soon as possible. Then, being careful not to touch the dry ice directly with bare skin (–109ºF will give you instant frostbite), move the dry ice outside or to a well-ventilated area, where it will gradually evaporate.

For safe scientific fun with dry ice, check out Science Kiddo!

Shipping fees are $45 for frozen packages and $15 for nonfrozen packages. Any package that contains ice cream will include dry ice and insulated box liners to maintain super cold temperatures.