What's in a Cake?

The Scoop on Bartleby's

Bartleby’s was founded in January 2019 to bring high-quality, handmade ice cream cakes to the deserving people of Chicago. What sets our cakes apart from the rest?

We use only the finest gourmet ingredients in every part of our cakes. Why eat a thousand calories if they don’t all taste delicious?

Almost every part of our cakes is made fresh and from scratch in the Bartleby’s kitchen—including the ice cream!

You can custom-order any combination your heart desires. Looking for something that’s not on the menu? Talk to us! We love to try new things.

We pour our hearts into every batch of ice cream, every pan of brownies, and every swirl of frosting to ensure that your order is extraordinary. Your special occasion is special to us too!

We are also committed to using local dairy from family-owned Kilgus Farmstead and organic eggs, flour, and sugar, as well as other organic ingredients wherever possible; to using unbleached and recycled paper products whenever we can; and to paying a fair wage and providing flexible work hours to our employees.

Bartleby's Founder Rachel Kamins

Rachel Kamins

Founder and Owner

I was born with a stainless steel spoon in my mouth and a pint of ice cream in my hand, and I’ve been an ice cream enthusiast and evangelist my whole life. I’ve worked at Ben & Jerry’s as a factory tour guide, scooper, and Professor of Scoopology (AKA Retail Training Specialist). It was there that I learned, and eventually taught others, how to turn ice cream into ice cream cakes.

​Through many years of home ice cream making, a stint working in the Zingerman’s Bakehouse, several classes on piping frosting, and many birthday cakes for friends and family, I came to realize that making delicious desserts, and especially ice cream cakes, is what I want to do as much as possible.

I named my business after a short story about a person who loses his ability to do mindless office work and take orders from a boss. That was me, but my story ends with more sprinkles. 

People Are Talking

"This cake was delicious! It was so easy to place the order and communicate with them to make any changes to our cake. Responses were quick! Very happy and will order again :)"

"I can't recall another time everyone at the party shared without prompting how great the cake is. I honestly wish we had more leftovers to eat, it was so good."

"Delicious as always! The office loves the ice cream flavors. Thank you for wonderful service!

It was the best ice cream cake we’ve ever had. Actually, the best cake we’ve ever had. So glad we found Bartleby’s and a place for vegan cake!!! Our new go-to for every special occasion.