We are still testing shipping for our ice cream cakes to determine which decorations ship best and how to protect cakes from damage in transit. While we continue refining our packaging, shipping costs are waived for all mail-order cakes—just bear in mind that you’re taking part in an experiment!

Ice Cream Cakes

Each cake comes with two layers of ice cream (1 or 2 flavors), two layers of a crumbled baked good, whipped cream frosting, and up to 3 decorations, including a message.

6" Round

$55 custom; $50 cake of the month

Serves 6–10


8" Round

$65 custom; $60 cake of the month

Serves 8–12

Ice Cream & Baked Goods

Ice Cream 4-Packs

$42 pints; $78 quarts

Four containers with your choice of flavors, ready to scoop. Each pint serves 4–6; each quart serves 8–12.


Ice Cream Subscription


Three months of happiness, delivered three pints at a time. Flavors selected by Bartleby’s.


Ice Cream Sandwiches


10 ice cream sandwiches, each made with a hefty scoop of ice cream (choose one flavor) and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. Serves 10.


Chocolate Chip Cookies (Regular or Vegan)


A dozen (12) chocolatey cookies made with luscious dark brown sugar and bittersweet chocolate. Regular cookies are made with flavorful cultured butter, while vegan cookies are made with refined coconut oil.




A dozen (12) of our eye-poppingly rich, chewy brownies, packed with brown butter and Dutch-processed cocoa.




Like brownies, but without the chocolate and with a knockout punch of butterscotch flavor. A dozen (12) per package.


Combo Pack

$20 pint + half-dozen; $36 quart + dozen

Your choice of ice cream flavor together with your choice of baked good. Dessert accomplished!

Ordering and Shipping Info


Mail order packages are shipped on Tuesdays only. Orders must be received by the preceding Friday in order to ship on a given Tuesday. Packages are delivered by UPS Ground and will arrive on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, depending on destination. 


We currently ship only to states that can be reached within 3 days by ground shipping: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Washington DC, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, West and Virginia.


Shipping fees are $15 for non-frozen packages and $25 for packages containing any frozen product, to any destination within our shipping region. These fees include the cost of shipping materials, UPS fees, and dry ice. If an order includes both ice cream and baked goods, the entire package will be frozen with dry ice and will bear the higher shipping fee.


We use fully recyclable corrugated cardboard, packing paper, and cake boxes. The insulation material used for frozen packages can also be recycled in any location that accepts paper recycling. The paper bags for our ice cream sandwiches are compostable!


We use dry ice from a local Chicago business, Polar Ice Company. The dry ice blocks are wrapped in paper for safer handling, but are still extremely cold. Handle with caution, and do not touch unwrapped dry ice with bare skin! After moving your ice cream to your home freezer, leave the dry ice outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, where it will evaporate in 24–48 hours. 



We offer fulfillment via pickup (at the Hatchery, 135 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago); delivery within a 10-mile radius of the Hatchery; or shipping within a 3-day radius by UPS Ground service.





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