Valentine’s Cake (Dairy or Vegan+GF)

Valentine’s Cake (Dairy or Vegan+GF)

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Our Valentine’s special cake features our homemade Cherry Chocolate Chunk ice cream, flavored with a puree of tart cherries from local Mick Klug Farm and chock full of crispy pistachio chocolate chunks by Chicago-based Jitterbug Sweets.

The dairy cake complements this ice cream with a layer of rich, fudgy brownies, chocolate whipped cream frosting, and fudge writing and designs. The crowning glory is a trio of truffles also from Jitterbug Sweets, with red rose-pistachio flavored ganache enrobed in ruby chocolate and a drizzle of white chocolate.

The vegan/GF cake swaps in chocolaty cookies from Nine Times Bakery, chocolate vegan buttercream frosting, crunchy chocolate sprinkles, and more of those delicious pistachio chocolate chunks on top.

It’s pure love for the one(s) you love. Available through Valentine’s Day only!

Serves 2–6