Shakyra's Practice Cakes
Shakyra's Practice Cakes
Shakyra's Practice Cakes

Shakyra's Practice Cakes

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Support our job training efforts and help our newest employee learn to decorate ice cream cakes! This is a skill that takes a lot of practice with real ice cream to learn, and there are only so many practice cakes we can eat ourselves, so we're offering them to you at a discount.

You'll get the same gourmet ice cream, baked goods, and decorations as usual, so there's no difference in taste, just looks--until she gets really good at decorating and we stop offering a discount!

Each cake includes:

  • Two layers of ice cream
  • Two layers of a crumbled baked good
  • Whipped cream frosting
  • Up to 3 decorations, including a message (please note: writing is the hardest part to learn!)

Serving sizes (all cakes are approximately 2" tall):

6" cake serves 6-10

8" cake serves 8–12

10" cake serves 12–16

9" square cake serves 20–25

9" x 13" quarter-sheet cake serves 30–40