Bartleby's 10-inch round customer favorite cake, dairy
Bartleby's 10-inch round customer favorite cake, vegan
Bartleby's 9 by 13-inch customer favorite cake, dairy
Bartleby’s Greeting Card (Optional Add-On)

Our Customers’ Favorite Cake (Dairy or Vegan)

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This cake has been our customers’ favorite combination since we started. It's a hit with kids, grownups, and everyone in between!

The Customers’ Favorite cake includes:

  • Cookie Dough ice cream
  • Cookies and Cream ice cream 
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Vanilla whipped cream (vegan buttercream, for vegan cakes)
  • Mini cones
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Fudge sauce (chocolate vegan buttercream, for vegan cakes)

We will use vegan ice cream and cookies for a completely vegan cake if you select the “vegan” option below.

Serving sizes (all cakes are approximately 2" tall):

6" cake serves 6–10

8" cake serves 8–12

10" cake serves 12–16

9" square cake serves 20–25

9" x 13" quarter-sheet cake serves 30–40