Mail-Order 6" Heart-Shaped Cake

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Each cake includes:

  • Two layers of ice cream
  • Two layers of a crumbled baked good
  • Whipped cream frosting
  • Up to 3 decorations (including a message)

Serves 2–6

Please choose 1 to 2 options
Two layers of crumbled baked goods go into every layer cake.
(For Mix and Match, tell us which 2 baked goods to mix in the "Special Requests" field)
To order our featured design, with strawberry whipped cream frosting, fudge lace, and a luscious fudge border, select “Make It Like the Picture.” You can add a custom message to the featured design—in that case, we’ll just pipe the lace around the edges. To customize your design, select “I’ll Choose My Own Decorations.”
Please choose up to 2 options
Any other requests? We'll do our best to make them happen!

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