Happy Birthday to Meeee

July is the month of my birthday, and this year is a big one! I honestly never dreamed I’d be making ice cream and decorating cakes for a living when I turned 40, but this is better than anything I did expect. Thank you for making it possible!

To celebrate with you all month, we’re offering a cake that’s a nostalgia trip to two key times in my life as an ice cream fanatic. When I was growing up in the Northeast, my family went to Friendly’s kind of a lot, and I almost always ordered a sundae with coffee ice cream, peanut butter sauce, hot fudge, and whipped cream. And when I worked at a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop and then at the corporate headquarters—both places where I had almost unlimited access to ice cream and toppings—I made the same sundae for myself kind of a lot. (I may have been told to cool it with the sundaes by the owner of the scoop shop. My name is Rachel, and I am an ice cream addict.)

Now I have my own ice cream business and I can make my own ice cream and toppings, and I’m turning this flavor fantasia into a cake! July’s cake of the month features a layer of coffee ice cream with a peanut butter swirl, a layer of chocolate ice cream, two layers of our crumbled super-fudgy brownies, chocolate whipped cream frosting, peanut butter drizzle, and fudge writing. For vegans, we’re doing a dairy- and egg-free version of the same cake, subbing our rich vegan chocolate cake in for the brownies, coconut cream for the whipped cream, and peanut butter writing for the fudge. My only birthday wish is that you all order one of these cakes and love it as much as I do. :)

(Psst—did you know that our cakes of the month are always $5 less than custom cakes? We want you to try them!)

The Coffee PB Swirl ice cream is also available to order in pints and quarts all month! (Including in our combo packs!) If it turns out that we all love swirling and drizzling peanut butter all over everything, as I suspect we may, then we’ll keep that sauce around after the end of July too.

Cookie Dough for All

Nearly all of our ice cream flavors come in a vegan version as well as dairy, and a lot of our toppings are vegan too. Our homemade edible cookie dough has been a dairy-only holdout—until now! We just happened to notice that the unbaked dough for our vegan chocolate chip cookies tasted pretty good, and all we had to do to make it safe to eat raw was heat-treat the flour. So now our menu proudly presents Vegan Cookie Dough ice cream and vegan cookie dough balls as a decoration option. Non-vegans, you’ll be getting the same dough, but trust us, you’re not missing out on anything. To be perfectly honest, we like it a little better than our old butter-based dough!

Party a Little Harder

We greeted Chicago’s transition to phase 4 of reopening by adding some bigger cakes back to our menu. All cakes are now available to order in 10" rounds (serves 12–16) and 9" squares (serves 20–25), in addition to our 6" and 8" rounds. It is so wonderful to be able to gather again in small groups. Please keep your gatherings safe so we can all keep doing it!

Pickups Are Back

We’ve been offering only no-contact delivery since we reopened for business in May—at the time it was the best way to bring you ice cream while keeping you and ourselves safe. Now that people are moving around more and the infection rate is **furiously knocks on wood** reasonably low, we think it’s safe to offer a pickup option as well. Pickups can be be scheduled between 4:00 and 5:00 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and pickup orders will be fulfilled from The Hatchery (135 N. Kedzie Ave.). We look forward to seeing the upper halves of your faces again!

Stay cool out there (let us know if you need any suggestions on how to do it)!



Ice cream orders are available for pickup at The Hatchery (135 N. Kedzie, Chicago), or for no-contact delivery within a 10-mile radius of The Hatchery. A flat $15 delivery fee applies.



We pledge to donate 10% of profits each month to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, to help Chicagoans affected by the COVID-19-related economic crisis.







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