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See the menu below for pricing and number of servings.

Grownup Layer Cake
  • Salted Caramel and Coffee Ice Creams

  • Crumbled Brownies

  • Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting and Caramel Writing

  • 6", 8", or 10" Round or 9" x 13" Sheet Cake

Kid Layer Cake
  • Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream Ice Creams

  • Crumbled Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Vanilla Whipped Cream Frosting

  • Mini Cones, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Fudge Writing

  • 6", 8", or 10" Round or 9" x 13" Sheet Cake

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Coffee Ice Cream

  • Two Thin, Chewy Brownie Layers

  • Sides Rolled in Chopped Roasted Peanuts

  • 8" Round

Handheld Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Soft, Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • 10 Sandwiches


Choose the menu item you want, then select from the options below to customize it with your favorite ice cream flavors and accompaniments. 

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Looking for more inspiration? Check out our photo galleries for some of our favorite creations.


The many delicious ways to enjoy our homemade ice cream, baked goods, and toppings

Layer Cakes

Each layer cake comes with two layers of ice cream (1 or 2 flavors), two layers of a crumbled baked good, whipped cream frosting, and up to 3 decorations, including a message.

6" Round—$55

Serves 6–10

8" Round—$65

Serves 8–12

10" Round—$75

Serves 10–15

9" Square—$90

Serves 20–25

9" x 13" Sheet Cake—$105

Serves 30–40

Other Treats

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich—$50

One flavor of ice cream sandwiched between two thin, chewy brownies. Up to two decorations can be added. Serves 8–12.

Handheld Ice Cream Sandwiches—$45

10 ice cream sandwiches, each made with a hefty scoop of ice cream (choose one flavor) and two homemade chocolate chip cookies. Serves 10.

Ice Cream Pie—$40

A crumbled cookie or brownie crust (contains nuts) filled with one flavor of ice cream and topped with your choice of sauce and up to three decorations. Serves 8–10.

Just Ice Cream!—$10 pint/$20 quart

A pint or quart of any flavor, ready to scoop. Pint serves 4–6; quart serves 8–12.

Sundae Bars

A sundae bar features your choice of ice cream (see specific packages for number of flavors), your choice of a baked good, hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and up to 3 decorations as toppings. Add setup, service, and cleanup by the Bartleby’s staff to any package for $40.

For up to 8 people—$80

Includes one flavor (one quart) of ice cream.

For up to 16 people—$140

Includes two flavors (two quarts) of ice cream.

For up to 24 people—$180

Includes three flavors (three quarts) of ice cream.



Dairy ice creams are made with fresh cream and milk from local, family-owned Kilgus Farmstead; vegan ice creams are made with a blend of cashew paste, coconut cream, and oat milk

Chocolate—available in Dairy or Vegan

Cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, and a baseline of decaf coffee

Coffee—available in Dairy or Vegan

Rich and sweet, brewed from freshly ground, locally roasted decaf beans

Cookies and Cream—available in Dairy or Vegan

Sweet cream ice cream with big chunks of sandwich cookies

Cookie Dough

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough balls

Mint Chocolate Chip—available in Dairy or Vegan

Made with fresh mint leaves and crunchy bits of bittersweet chocolate

Salted Caramel

Dark-cooked caramel balanced with a healthy pinch of salt

Strawberry—available in Dairy or Vegan

Flavored with fresh, organic strawberry puree

Sugar Cone Crunch—available in Dairy or Vegan

Vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate-covered sugar cone pieces

Toasted Coconut—available in Dairy or Vegan

A smooth ice cream flavored with toasted coconut, vanilla, and a hint of almond 

Vanilla—available in Dairy or Vegan

Flavored with real vanilla beans and pure vanilla extract


Two layers of crumbled baked goods go into every layer cake, adding texture and more delicious flavor



Chocolate cake (V)

Chocolate chip cookies 

Sandwich cookies (V)

Sugar cookies


Homemade or gourmet touches to add personality and fun to your custom creation

Layer cakes are frosted with whipped cream. Choose one flavor:



Coconut cream (V)

Then add some flair:

Buttercream flowers or drawings (add $10)

Caramel sauce 

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Chocolate sprinkles (V)

Fresh fruit (add $10) (V)

Fudge sauce 

Mini cones (V)

Natural colored sprinkles (V)

Nuts (V)

Rainbow sprinkles (V)

Toasted coconut flakes (V)

Your message can be written in:



Buttercream (add $5)

Coconut cream (add $5) (V)

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