Bartleby’s Triceratops Ice Cream Cake
Bartleby’s Horse Ice Cream Cake
Bartleby’s Unicorn Ice Cream Cake
Bartleby’s Llama Ice Cream Cake
Bartleby’s 6" Dog Cake
Bartleby's Purple Dragon Cake
Bartleby’s Greeting Card (Optional Add-On)
Custom Animal Ice Cream Cake

Custom Animal Ice Cream Cake

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Bartleby’s animal cakes are adorable recreations of your four-legged friends (real or imaginary), made with fully edible, totally delicious features, including cookies, sugar cones, chocolate, fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles and more. Choose one of the designs shown or talk to us about creating your own favorite animal!

Each cake includes:

  • Two layers of ice cream
  • Two layers of a crumbled baked good
  • Whipped cream frosting
  • Edible animal features

Serving sizes:

6" tall round (base cake is 3" high) serves 6–10

8" cake serves 8–12

10" cake serves 12–16

9" x 13" sheet cake serves 30–40