New Decoration: Natural Sprinkles

Sprinkles are by far our most popular decoration choice. We love the look of colorful sprinkles against our whipped cream frosting and their crunchy texture against our creamy ice cream and chewy baked goods. The one thing that gives us pause about the rainbow sprinkles we’ve been using to date is that they contain non-natural ingredients—unlike the rest of our products.

There are several all-natural sprinkle options available on the market (pictured are sprinkles from Color Kitchen, Supernatural, and Sweetapolita). But when we came across these options after we started selling cakes, we didn’t want to switch over to them right away, and here’s why: natural sprinkles taste about the same as the artificial kind, but they look pretty different—not as shiny, not as smooth, and definitely not metallic. If you are thinking of the glamorous, deluxe, jewel-like sprinkles that are so popular these days, we don’t want to surprise you with the more muted color palette and simpler look of natural sprinkles.

But we do want to give you choices! So as of today you’ll see “natural colored sprinkles” listed among our decoration options, along with chocolate sprinkles (some nice dark ones from the Netherlands) and rainbow sprinkles (various multicolor mixes from a few of our favorite glam sprinkle makers). Let us know if you have any questions about our sprinkle offerings, or suggestions of new sprinkles to try!