February Fun

We have so much to tell you this month—let’s get into it!


Valentine's Cake

If you’re like us, the biggest question for you on Valentine’s Day is what delicious things you’ll get to eat. This year we’re helping you answer that question with our special Valentine’s cake.

This 6" heart-shaped cutie comes with two layers of ice cream and two layers of a crumbled baked good. You can have it decorated with all-natural strawberry whipped cream and our dark chocolate fudge sauce, just like the picture, or customize it to your heart’s content. (Vegan options are available too!) Share the love with 2–6 people.

For pickup or delivery by February 14, be sure to place your order by the 12th.

Lakeview Artisan Market

We’re really excited to be part of the first market held at Third Space, a community gathering spot in East Lakeview. The February 8 market will feature woman-owned local businesses like us, offering a range of truly lovely products for sampling and for sale. Come check out our fellow entrepreneurs and try one of our ice cream sandwiches or an ice cream cupcake!

Tickets are FREE—register in advance here.

Vegan Options All Around

If you look at our list of ice cream flavors these days, you’ll see it’s suddenly gotten a lot longer, with eight (8!) vegan flavors on offer. We’ve retooled some of our favorite dairy flavors to work with our luscious cashew–coconut–oat milk vegan ice cream base: Chocolate, Coffee, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cone Crunch, Strawberry, Toasted Coconut, and Vanilla.

Not only that, but we’ve expanded our baked goods and whipped cream frosting options to make it possible for you to order a fully vegan ice cream cake! You can layer the ice cream with our impossibly moist vegan chocolate cake or crunchy chopped sandwich cookies and top it with whipped coconut cream, then decorate it with some of our many vegan decoration options.

We gave out samples of our first all-vegan cake to staff and kitchen members at the Hatchery last week, and the comments we heard included “This is the best vegan thing I’ve ever eaten!” as well as ”If you didn’t tell me this was vegan, I would never have guessed!” That makes us very happy, as does being able to offer delicious desserts to our dairy-free and egg-free friends and family.

Vegan options are available in our custom layer cakes, as well as in pints and quarts. Have suggestions or requests for more vegan menu options? Drop a line and let us know!